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Massachusetts government needs accountability, innovation, economic growth, and change.

Become Part of the Partnership: Become a Partner in Your Community
Politics is Broken and We Need You to Bring Your Voice to Your Community and to Your State Lawmakers. PARTNERS Are a Grassroots Army of Committed Activists Willing to Push for Job Growth, a Good Education.

Exclusive Access

Partner Strategy Call
Each month, Partner Nation gathers to get a legislative update for the week directly from Beacon Hill. The Partnership answers Partners’ questions and explains how activists can take action that actually impacts the debates in Boston.

Activist Training Center
The Partnership trains and equips Partners with the skills needed to be an effective activist. From tip sheets on how to be effective on Twitter to videos on how to write a letter to your state and federal representatives, we will make sure activists have what they need to be on the cutting edge of activism.

Activist Resources
The Partnership creates activist materials for big legislative fights. This includes process memos, policy briefs, and issue specific toolkits with sample tweets, talking points, call notes, and graphics.

Exclusive Beacon Hill Updates
The Partnership wants to make sure Partners have the latest news and analysis from Beacon Hill. We work to ensure Partners are the first to hear of breaking news, political maneuvering, and how they can play a role in the fight.

Online Community: The Partnership
The Partnership is an exclusive online community where you can receive real time policy analysis, the latest important articles, and action items to stay on top of the news from Beacon Hill.