Our mission is to advance policies that empower Massachusetts residents with the building blocks of economic opportunity.  So that they can get jobs, and maybe even start their own businesses.

What’s different about the Partnership?

Some organizations are created to react to issues, others aim to pro-actively improve the lives in our region. We are decidedly in the camp of pushing for positive change—and in the case of the partnership promoting our mission of expanding economic opportunity.

The Partnership brings to its work the following strengths:

  • Focus: Every year, we articulate a strategy that is highly focused on one issue that will expand economic opportunity. [We should make a big deal out of announcing our top priority] The issues we choose will be based on 4 Focus areas:
    1. Free enterprise, because we believe that the free enterprise system, when left free from unwarranted or ill-advised restrictions, provides the greatest opportunity for the greatest number.
    2. Education, because we believe that educational opportunity is crucial in a society of merit and justice.
    3. Healthcare, because we believe that opaque pricing and barriers to innovation and competition reduce affordability and access to care.
    4. Transportation, because we believe that improving transportation expands economic opportunity.
  • Mass: We represent thousands of employers across the state and hundreds of thousands of employees. We aim to make their voice—a reasonable voice that wants good things—heard inside the halls of Beacon, which too often echo with special interests who do not seek the general good.  Our partners are from the following industries
    1. High technology and the life sciences
    2. Manufacturing
    3. Independent and small business
    4. The industries hardest hit by the pandemic
  • Engagement with you: Our professional communications are aimed at engaging you with timely information sharing, suggestions on how in minutes you can educate others and be active even as you are a working mom or dad, a young graduate looking for a job, or someone who is between jobs. We aim to
    1. Expand your access to information through public information requests, dissemination of research, easily digestible graphics and videos, podcasts, messages and more
    2. Give you easy ways to voice your views directly with government officials through letters, email and calls; petitions; surveys; and more
    3. Engage with the media through interviews, op-eds, and information sharing

Deliver your voice to government officials through in-person dialogue and educational event